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Ugly princess.

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"My favorite subject was English or creative writing. We did poems and making a magazine and I did one on celebrities. I called it Celebrity Life Magazine. I interviewed my good friend Kaley Cuoco".

"I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season".

"I moved from New Jersey to California, so I know what it feels like being the new girl trying to figure it all out. There was this girl in the popular group who was jealous of me, even though I bought my own clothes and car my parents did not give them to."

"My agent did not want me on Disney because I am older. But honestly, I am not ready for older roles yet, or even the things older girls do. I am still young".

"I feel like people expect a lot out of girls, like you are supposed to know who you are and what you want out of life right now. Some girls know. I did. But lots of people do not know. You have to try a lot of things and not worry about what people are thin".

"I take lessons all the time. If I were to go to college, I would definately go for writing. I love writing books, stories, music, scripts. I mean I would be creative in that way".

"Sharpay is everything I was not when I was in high school".

"I used to hate looking in the mirror. I have grown up into myself and now I am happy with the way I look".

"My Mum gave me confidence".

"I did find some time to go to a record store and check out Headstrong actually in the racks. It was pretty cool I never thought I would see my own cd sitting there with everyone elses. I made my Mom take lots of pics".

"My dad is very overprotective and needs to know everybody I am hanging out with".

"I am Ashley Tisdale. I play Sharpay. She is really the drama queen, rules the school, mainly the villan. I am nothing like her, thank God. But I probably can relate to her because of her passion for performing. I love to perform, so that is probably the most similar thing I have to her".

"I am not stubborn. I know what I want to do. I know what I want to be. I am not going to let someone push me around. I am not someone who follows. I am someone who leads. I am not nauve and I am not someone who follow the crowd. I am definitely a headstrong person".

I am blondy, so please speak slowly. Citatos 25owilu
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